Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Alia Amanina. Get it?

Nama saya Noralia Amanina binti Osman.

Umi saya cerita, mula-mula saya lahir, ayah nak bagi nama Siti 'Something'. Tapi my late grandmother tak bagi, dia kata saya bukan dari keturunan 'mana-mana'.

Then nak bagi nama Nur 'Something'. Tapi tak jadi jugak. Because my auntie (or fondly called as Mummy), asked my mom if she can name me, since she don't have a daughter. She suggested my mom to name me Alia, after the late Queen Alia of Jordan.

So here I am, as Noralia Amanina. Or better called as Alia.

I still remember clearly, there's this customer in Glenmarie that I used to attend.

The Lady : Okay, I'm leaving my car here. Please call me when my car's ready.
Me : Sure will, Madam.
The Lady : By the way, what's your name?
Me : Alia.
The Lady : (Looking at my desk's name plate) Alia? A-L-I-A ? Like the late Queen Alia?
Me : (Smiling) My mom told me that I was named after her. So, maybe my name is spelled like her name.
The Lady : She's a really nice royalty. She's very generous. I hope that you'll grow up and  be like her. (Smiling, and left)

And somehow, in my current office, people just love to call me Aliya Maisara.

Stop it. It's just annoying. I mean, that name does NOT belong to me.
I'm Noralia Amanina. Or Alia Amanina. Or just Alia.
The elderly in my family tried hard to name me. 

So quit calling me with other names.


  1. Tu la pasal..klau panggil 'LEE' pon xpe lg... sbb tuan punya badan yg create..kn2