Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maaf Cik, Meja Dah Penuh

Ini adalah cerita terkini!!

Pisang Goreng Panas!!!! (

Ceh... Poyo je ayat tadi. Cerita ni cerita baru (because it happened today), tapi ni sebenarnya senario yang tiap-tiap hari dan masa berlaku.

Ehem! Terimalah....



At 1p.m today (25 May 2011), a lady with her two friends went to De Palma Hotel Shah Alam to have lunch. When she arrived, she went to the receptionist…

The Lady              : Good afternoon, Miss.
Receptionist       : Good afternoon. How can I help you?
The Lady              : We would like to have our lunch at the ‘Western Wagon Buffet’… Can you show us the way?
Receptionist       : (Gesturing) You can use this way to go there, madam.
The Lady              : Thank you.

So the lady went to the dining area as instructed by the receptionist. On her way there, the receptionist ran past them, and talked – whispered  to the man who managed the dining area. (Let’s just call this man Mr. G). The lady and her friends saw her action.

When the lady arrived…

The Lady              : Hello. May we have a table for three persons?
Mr. G                    : I’m sorry madam, the tables are fully booked.
The Lady              : Oh. Okay.

Before the lady turned away, she saw that there are plenty of tables without the booked sign. But being a nice person who would not argue about things like this (the way she was treated), she just walked away.

End of story.

By the way, the lady is my MOTHER. Just now at dinner, she told me this story. It makes me wonder…

  • -          So… this is ‘First Impression Discrimination’
  • -          Why wasn’t she and her friends welcomed? Is it because of the way they dressed – not glamorous enough? Or is it because one of them donned the ‘ Pembantu Am Pejabat’ uniform?
  • -          Or is it because ‘I don’t think this ‘mak cik’ can pay’?
  • -          Or maybe there were really no tables available… (MAYBE)

My mother said some people who are already having their lunch are staring at them and tried to eavesdrop.

Put yourself in their place. How would you feel?


Let’s just put this away…

I worked at the frontline. I know that this is very wrong. If I can’t accept a customer, I would at least suggest my company’s customer to book another appointment.

My mother is not asking for free meals after I wrote you this very e-mail. She already swore that your place is the last place she would ever think of if we’re dining out. She just don’t want this to happen to others.

Anyways, my friends are already reading this at my blog. Let’s just hope my who-so-ever friends doesn’t eat my words.


Ini adalah e-mail yang aku baru je hantar kat De Palma Hotels Management dan Human Recources tadi.

Malas nak cakap banyak-banyak... Rasanya e-mail ni dah terangkan segala. Anda semua fikir-fikirkan je lah.

Tiba-tiba terasa.... lapar


  1. mmg patut pown anta kat dieorg...ingat org yg xdressup nie xde duit ke pe..mmg kuang asam arrr....

  2. aha! aku suke gile!! mmg patut kompeni2 so called bagus ni get knock down email cam ni!~! u have my support :-)

  3. neway,u juz xboleh simply make conclusion 4 wat had happened.there must be a myself pnh ke hotel tu by just wearing a bodoh shirt with sliper 'jamban' to get my lunch there.the same thing happened.only 3 words.."knape ye bang?",diorang tnjuk kt buffet line,there were so many people tgh que amek food.doesnt mean table kosong,xde org kn.mybe we should take consideration diorg punye alasan n not simply blaming them..becoz Allah marah kalau kite mnuduh tnpa brtanye telbih dhulu. tq =)