Monday, August 26, 2013

Women's Equality Day!

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Seriously, after reading this, do the Beyonce dance.

7 Ways to Tell If You Are A Bad-Ass Woman

1. When you don't self-deprecate, put yourself down, or play down your achievements

Quit putting yourself down, because it's only hurting ourselves

2. When you stand your ground like a total boss.

3. When you go out and protest and you have this look on your face

This little girl and her awesome dad are protesting sexual violence in India

4. When you are not afraid of your sexuality

"Parks and Recreation" fans, appreciate.

5. When you give real talk and not be afraid of holding back from speaking your mind

Thanks, Lucy Liu.

6. When you appreciate the power of pizza. Because... let's be real here.


7. When you got shot in the head and you still fight for your rights.

Malala Yousafzai.  Click here

So basically, if you can relate to any of these things, go ahead and do your Beyonce Dance.

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