Sunday, January 5, 2014



I mean, hello 2014.

Darn, I should have wrote something about the beginning of 2014 like... 5 days ago. But I really got so many things stuffed in my head; all the anger, frustration, a little bit of so-called happiness, and the feeling of 'emptiness' has all combined.

Mind you, that is NOT healthy.

Dalam pada semua orang sibuk post new year resolution kat facebook and other social media medium pada permulaan 2014, aku masih lagi berperang dengan perasaan sendiri. 'Should I love myself more?' or 'Should I put others first?'.

After bloody 5 days, I have decided... that I should do (almost) anything that I wanted to do. Live a good life. Become a better Muslim along the way. It sounds like a good plan, or resolution.

Let's face it. I am not growing backwards. Yeah, I DO have fun telling people every year, that I am 21 (Guilty menipu umur, as charged). Tapi ya lah, sampai bila aku nak tipu diri sendiri, kan? And the question of whether I should put myself or others first, I'll let time decide.

That's it.

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